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martes, 24 de noviembre de 2020

On noviembre 24, 2020 by Joseph Beaton in

Book the best tours in puerto plata with us  

Puerto Plata is famous for resorts such as Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada, located east of San Felipe de Puerto Plata. There are a total of 95,000 hotel beds in the city. The only one cablecar in the Caribbean is located in Puerto Plata, in which visitors can ride up to the Pico Isabel de Torres, a 873 meter high mountain within the city.

Puerto Plata or also known as Silver Port has been a favorite among travelers over the years. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world this paradise in the Dominican Republic.

Puerto Plata City Tour in the Dominican Republic is the perfect combination between history, culture and amazing landscapes. Visit the San Felipe Fort, built after Columbus' arrival in 1492. It's situated on a small peninsular in Puerto Plata Bay, close to the Centre of the town.ick back and relax

Getting to know the city is a must among all Puerto Plata tours since you will get to visit San Felipe Fort, an 16th century fort overlooking at the Atlantic ocean and is now a museum, you can jump on the only cable car of the caribbean or try the purest white rum made in the island.

This city is probably one of Dominican Republic´s best kept secrets and we know all the things to do in Puerto Plata that make that affirmation true.

Drinks on the tours and professional guide. 5.30 hours tours