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martes, 24 de noviembre de 2020

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Book the best tours in puerto plata with us  

Puerto Plata is famous for resorts such as Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada, located east of San Felipe de Puerto Plata. There are a total of 95,000 hotel beds in the city. The only one cablecar in the Caribbean is located in Puerto Plata, in which visitors can ride up to the Pico Isabel de Torres, a 873 meter high mountain within the city.

Puerto Plata or also known as Silver Port has been a favorite among travelers over the years. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world this paradise in the Dominican Republic.

Puerto Plata City Tour in the Dominican Republic is the perfect combination between history, culture and amazing landscapes. Visit the San Felipe Fort, built after Columbus' arrival in 1492. It's situated on a small peninsular in Puerto Plata Bay, close to the Centre of the town.ick back and relax

Getting to know the city is a must among all Puerto Plata tours since you will get to visit San Felipe Fort, an 16th century fort overlooking at the Atlantic ocean and is now a museum, you can jump on the only cable car of the caribbean or try the purest white rum made in the island.

This city is probably one of Dominican Republic´s best kept secrets and we know all the things to do in Puerto Plata that make that affirmation true.

Drinks on the tours and professional guide. 5.30 hours tours


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This tour provides transportation from and to your hotel with about 2 hours horseriding and drinks at a midway stop.

You will be taken to a ranch above Puerto Plata where you will be outfitted with a horse that matches your size and riding skills. 

All of the horses are well cared for, well fed and well trained. 

You will wander high up into the hills above Puerto Plata where you will have amazing views of the countryside and the scenic views of the north coast. 

Have no fear, your guides will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable ride. 

If your kids are not seasoned riders, one of the guides will double up on the horse with them.
It's a fantastic way to see a bit of the 'real' Dom Rep.

Your trip will meander through dense bush, wide open trails and some of the most amazing scenery in the Dominican Republic.

A few important things that you have to know:

1) The maximum body weight allowed is 225 pounds.

2) It is not allowed to wear sandals, only closed shoes.

3) Horses are used to receive a piece of banana as a reward at the end of the tour, if you wish you can bring a few.

4) A cameraman will take photos that at the end of the tour you can buy them.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all the money immediately.

Contact us: Dominican_atlantic_transfers@outlook.es

Tels: 829-959-1012/ WhatsApp (24/7)

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For lovers of fishing in the sea, I invite you to enjoy this adventure in the Atlantic Ocean in any of our comfortable boats of 32 and 45 feet.

Enjoy fighting with maji maji fish, king fish, marlins or simply with a shark.

This excursion includes transportation from the hotel to the port and vice versa, drinks on the boat (water, coke, rum and beer) and when they are back in the port, the captain will prepare them in the boat, one of the fish that You fished yourself to enjoy it.

The tour in the boat, has a duration of four hours.

You can book individually or just take a private tour.

Most of these tours are private.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all the money immediately.

Contact us: Dominican_atlantic_transfers@outlook.es
Tels: 829-959-1012/ WhatsApp (24/7)

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This tour will let you drive these 4x4 ATV back into the deepest jungles in the area. 

This adrenaling adventure gets you way off the beaten path and onto remote tropical trails. 
You will drive through lush palm tree forests, splash through jungle streams and experience scenery seldom seen from other adventures. 

Your guide will take you into the jungle to clear a fresh mountain river and to a beautiful beach where you can swim and cool off heading back to the ranch.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all the money immediately.

Contact us: Dominican_atlantic_transfers@outlook.es

Tels: 829-959-1012/ WhatsApp (24/7)



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Punta Rucia is a cape and beach located on the north coast of the island of Hispaniola, specifically in the province of Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), in the bay of La Isabela and quite close to the town of La Isabela, the first European settlement in the New World. It is a very peaceful inlet and its main attraction is the Cayo Arena, where you can see a large number of multicolored fish, at a very shallow depth. 

Its beaches are white sand and transparent water that calls for enjoyment. In several restaurants located in its surroundings you can enjoy food based on fresh fish and seafood.

The name "Rucia" was placed by Christopher Columbus because of the brown or gray color of the animals.

These trips are made on wednesday and saturdays from 4 or 5 people onwards

Snorkeling in island, Manglares, Lunch at Cayo Arena restaurant. Food and drink included & professional tour guide.




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Welcome to the Twenty Seven Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua and the best adventure tourism site in the Dominican Republic! Nestled in the rolling hills of the Northern Corridor mountain range and behind the long stalks of sugar cane lays a treasure you won't find anywhere else in the world. 

Mother Nature has crafted twenty-seven awe-inspiring pools, etched out of limestone, for your enjoyment. 

Come discover the best kept secret of the Dominican RepubliThe Twenty Seven waterfalls have existed for millennia but were only recently discovered by the outside world. 

The first tourists began arriving at the Falls in 1994, and little by little, word got out about this amazing natural treasure and spawned a guiding industry for the local young men. 

Ten years later, nearly 50,000 tourists every year come to Rio Damajagua to enjoy what Dominicans have known about for centuries.c!! 

Just 30 minutes from Puerto plata

Food and drink included and professional tour guide.

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Samana Cayo Levantado Island & Whales Wacthing
´´All Inclusive Private Tours´´

The province of Samaná is located northeast of the province of Puerto Plata, about three and a half hours away with beautiful landscapes on its way to the bay.

Our tour guides will be able to inform you in your language about these animals and their lives here in the Bay of samana.

This event occurs every winter from January to March only in the province of Bahía de Samaná, Dominican Republic.

These magnificent males come from the North Atlantic Ocean to the Bay of Samaná every year due to a migratory phenomenon.

The humpback whale is an endangered species that recovers and grows larger than a school bus and here in the Bay of Samaná these lone giants come to breed in this special habitat.

Watch mothers and babies live and grow in this unique international display of the beauty of nature and the males sing their love to potential mates.

Together we can enjoy this spectacular moment in nature.


Full day excursion from 5:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Pick up and return in the air conditioned bus to all hotels in Puerto Plata, Sosua or Cabarete to the pier in Samana, Boat, Tour guide, Breakfast on the way in a typical restaurant, Entrance fees to the Whale Sanctuary, Drinks on the bus (Bottles of Water Rum & Coca Cola) and full lunch on the island of Cayo Levantado where at the end you will have a few hours to swim in its crystalline waters.

Please bring : Sunglasses, sun block, camera, hat  and Towels.

This is a private tour, the price will depend on how many people you are.


Dear customers:

Due to the situation that we are living in the world at the moment by the Covit - 19, let me tell you that our company, as well as all our suppliers, are already preparing to apply the sanitation protocol to provide them with the safest possible service to avoid contagion. .

Our vehicles are equipped with a lacer thermometer to measure body temperature, antibacterial gel, disposable gloves and face masks.

It is recommended that you wear your masks anyway.

Our tour guides and drivers will also wear gloves and masks for mutual protection.


If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all money immediately.

If you are scheduled to arrive at Amber Cove on one of the cruise ships and for some reason it does not dock, all your money will be immediately refunded.

To get information about PRICES, reservations or any other question, contact us here Dominican_atlantic_tranfers@outlook.es  or Cell Phone 1-829-959-1012.

This tour will only be available from January 15th to March 30th each year.

They will be private tours, all inclusive prices vary depending on the number of people.

To get information about prices, reservations or any other question, please contact us Here


This tour will only be available from January to March each year.